If you are a life or health insurance agent and need assistance in finding the best sales ideas or products we may be able to help.  We have been aiding agents and brokers with products and sales for the past 48 years.

We have access to many life and health insurance companies with many products such as whole life, universal life, indexed universal life, joint first to die, joint second to die plus many term insurance plans.  As for disability plans there are one year, two year, five year, and ten year, to age 65 and to age 67 plans.  In addition there are business overhead plans for business clients that reimburse business expenses when owner is disabled.  There are also critical illness plans that pay full benefit upon diagnose of listed illnesses


With annuities, we offer both immediate and deferred annuities that are both traditional and indexed plans.

If it is necessary we will make joint calls with you to assist in the sale.  There is no reduction in commission for this service. However we will not make these calls without you being present.